Fibernuts journey

2 March
Pentwater, Michigan, United States
Interests: (11)
beading, blues music.pain control, cats, computer run weaving looms, embroidery, fishing, knitting, spinning, tatting, walking, weaving
I am a 40 something disabled RN. I have another life in fiber-- weaving spinning knitting tatting are my addictions. I didn't know when I started using fibernut as a nick that I would develope fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome a few years later.I have degenerative disc disease and Irritable bowel,gasric reflux. went from no medications to 10 or more.I have not had a day without pain since May of 2000.I am trying desperately to not have pain take over my life.
My spouse of 25 years is into cival war reenacting, coustumeing, The American legion he's the local commander and works at a campground as a ranger/manager. We have two grown children and two grandchildren. He has three children all together and 5 grandchildren.
Our son and Daughter have associates degrees and can not find work in our mid michigan are.Right now we went from empty nest to 3-5 extra people around.Now we plan to travel travel as much as we can afford.We have two cats who pretty much run things here. Snoop 10 years old grouchy, 10lb white and gold, Kirby 2 years old fiesty brown,grey tiger.
I love music, came by it naturally my Dad played violin, piano, viola. My Mother Piano. My Dad just passed away this year he was a violin maker. My son is a musician very involed in Rap.